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Welcome to Krasivi Borzoi​.












I started with the Borzoi in 1998. My first borzoi was a dark red sable Irish marked girl named Wallya. She was on limited registration, I was sad that this beautiful girl could not be shown. So two years later, I purchased a beautiful white Borzoi from Majenkir. I named him Majenkir Krasivi Volschebnik, meaning "handsome Wizard".

After a successful show career, I took Volschebnik's name Krasivi as my kennel name in the honor of Volschebnik. Thus he became the foundation of my kennel. He sired three lovely litters and his offspring are doing very well not only in the USA but  also in Japan. Sadly he passed away at age 11, June 9, 2011.




 Yoriko I. Dixon
 H : (919)-933-2550


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