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He was born on March 17th, 2000, which also happens to be my birthday. He was destined to be the love of my life, as he was so gentle with everyone. When I had a new puppy, he always entertained the puppy with his toys, however always maintained his dignity.

One of my fondest memories was calling me from the bed chamber while he is relaxing on his bed. He never stopped calling me until I came to him as we used to talk to each other and carried on a conversation. He was very funny with me, but never showed that side of him to others. 

He was a beautiful dog. On the street, everyone admired him. He had a Russian born Borzoi friend, "Kiasha", for a while and even learned a few Russian commands.  He produced three litters, and his offspring are doing very well.

I have two sons, Riurik and MiG, and a daughter, Volschebnitsa, all from different dams. One girl from Diva and Volschebnik and two puppies from Iva and Volschebnik went to Japan. All finished their titles very quickly. These photos can be seen on their pages.

Sadly Volschebnik passed away in June 9th, 2011. He was my soul mate, constant companion, and the other half of my heart.

Ch. Majenkir Krasivi Volschebnik

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