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Krasivi Yasny Sokol                                                    DOB: Feb. 20, 2013

Sokol is now living with his new family. He now lives with his new Mom, Susanne, with his older borzoi brother and Lab mix sister in SC. Susan loves him very much and he followes her everywhere, she told me. He is extreamly sweet and very gentle. All he wants to do is to be right next to you and be petted all the time. In other words, he is a Mama's boy. So he got a perfect person. He can be with her all the time. Do everything with her. I am very happy he found such a loving new Mom.  He is Iva's last son. Thanks to Iva, she gave me 2 wonderful puppies. He is one of them. I named him after the Russian folk tail the "Bright falcon", Yasny Sokol. I hope he will soar high in the borzoi world and glide effortlessly into his loving new mom's heart.
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