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Ch. Melockof Krasavitsa Ivanovna                                    Nov.11 2004 - Mar. 24 2014

Album of Ivanovna
She was born at Melockoff Kennel in OH. She finished her champion ship pretty quickly and she produced 3 litters for me. One with Volscheb and the other with Aiden. And her last gift to me was with Secret Garden Euroclydon. Her first litter had been really good. Merlin was number 8 in 2012, owned by Kathy Vaughan, Volschebnitsa, my pick finished very quickly, and the other two who went to Japan are also doing very well. Her last litter was 2 puppies and the girl she gave me is becoming really nice. In very short time, this youngest daughter of Iva already finished her champion title in 17 month of age with two 4 point major under her belt. Unfortunately, Iva got injured in the kennel and I had to let her go to spare her from farther suffering.
Rest in peace my beautiful Iva. Thank you so much for being my sweet heart for so many years.
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