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Album of Charodeika

Below are some video clips of dog shows Charo attended in the past

Borzoi BOB class : Mar. 22, 2014 Raleigh NC

First is Charo and me. The next one, the big white boy, is previous litter half brother

GCh. Krasivi Merlin Volschebnivitch. They share the same mother, Ch. Melockoff Krasavitsa Ivanovna. Charo won 4 point major on that day.

Borzoi Winner's bitch and Best of Breed class back to back.  Mar. 23, 2014 Raleigh NC

Again Merlin and Charo are in the BOB ring together. THe third dog, gray and white dog is Chris Neel's bitch, SpringBok who won BOB in the Westminster show previous month Feb. 2014. Charo gaind 2 more points that day. Now at this point, she has 10 points with one major. SHe is only 13 month old here.

This page is Charo's show winning pictures and casual pictures. Some are very funny, some are very cute. This page will grow with her as she matures.
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