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Krasivi puppies 2008 Aug.

Phaedra puppies 2008 Nov.

Rainbow color puppies of nine were born in Phaedra Kennel in New Jersey. Sired by Volschebnik. four boys and five girls. One of the sable boy became my MiG. All four boys now are champions, two of them are grand Champions. MiG is working on it. He has 10 points toward his G Ch title as of  Dec. 2012. You can visit him on his page. Click the button below.

At the Krasivi borzoi kennel, all white puppies of seven were born. six boys and a only one girl which I kept. But my pick was Marlin the boy. Two other boys went to Sparkling Star kennel in Japan. The rest of the boys went to a very loving homes. Marlin lives with his own litter brother Bri at Kathe and Stephen Vaughan's right in the same town. Marlin is now 8th in the national rank as of Dec. 2012.


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